Thursday, March 27, 2008

Received from a Nigerian brother - 419

These scam artists dont stop...This one had me cracking up....

I introduce my self only if you will take your time to read my mail and think about what you can do for this charity organization, please be informed that this is Zion Charity organization, that is located in WestAfrica to help the children and motherless baby home. Please be informed that you can be sincere with your heart only if you try to concentrate about what is nessacerry, i am not begging you for money or gift,but i have no choice or options, becsause i have come to realize that one way for me to help this kids is for me to contact the foreginers or a person likeyou.This charity organization needs surpot from you any body around you, justincase you have a tender heart and undertstand the situation,you can try as much as you can to donate to this organization because your hlep will be appreciated and you shall be more blessed by God Almighty or even shall be rewarded by your fellow men. Please try to understand that my point is that i need your surport financially to help raise this charity organization here in Africa because this children are dying and lack of finance, please nothing is too small as amount you donate must be blessed after we have received your fund. I started this organization since last year and only few human's have been sincere and good to us, please we beg you in God's Name,the Bibble say's give it shall be given unto you, good measure press down shaking together and running over.Please try to understand my mail,we need about$50,000usd(Fifty Thousand Us Dollars) to keep in the bank for this organization. I understand that most of you don't like west africa but if you have the fear of God,then you will understand my mail.I will appreciate if you look into my heart via this mail and try to get my point. All i am saying is that i need your surport, all i do is to try to get contact abroad and send them this mail for their surport to our CHARITYORGANIZATION, anything you can donate please do not excitate to contact usor you can bring the fund to our CHARITY ORGanization. Please contact me vai this mail if you can give us a surport, nothing istoo small for us to receive,my contact information are listed below.

Namee:Mr Andrew Adebayo
Tell+234 70 3132 9723
Please try to contact me if you can surport this organization,God is your only reward and you don't ezxpect human to give you a reward but JESUS Christ our personal lord and saviour.God blesss you as i hope to hear from you for your help soon.

Mr Andrew Adebayo.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Musings 1

• I find talking about money very very bad manners and in very poor taste. Only with very very very close friends will I reveal the cost of anything and even then, it is usually a ball park figure. I don’t talk about pay checks or anything. In relationships, it is even worse. I will not take cash from a lover/partner and I don’t discuss how much he earns or how much I earn. It makes me very very uncomfortable
• I derive pleasure – true pleasure from giving. If I am not giving money away, I am giving unsolicited, surprise gifts. I talk to a friend and she says she has heard about some book, I get it. A friend of mine is a sweet tooth so every time I see her, I have some form of candy with me. An ex-colleague who traumatized me where I used to work had his first child. A girl. Almost like I had no sense, I bought something for his daughter and sent it off. I get such a thrill from seeing people’s faces when they get something unexpected
• I need to understand the concept of false nails on toes. I am really and truly confused by this. On the hands I get. But when I am at the salon and I see the glue coming out and then the false nail being fixed onto a toe, I am just gobsmacked. I don’t understand it
• Is it right to be obsessed with your own feet? Cos I am. I love my feet so so much

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dirty Business

I have always disliked bathrooms. Sure mine is cute and pink and full of all the indulgent products i love so much. BUT its still a bathroom and a lot of nastiness happens in there. Number 1, Number 2, brushing teeth, spitting, tissue paper and all that yuckiness.

I hardly spend too much time in my bathroom. Even when i have had a rough day, i wont lounge in the bath. I would rather get it over with and then take my time moisturizing, cleansing, dabbing, painting my toe nails in my room and definitely out of the bathroom.

I dont even like hearing about bathroom business. Some people i know are very comfortable with taking me (on the phone) into the bathroom. One minute you are talking about something, the next you hear the trickle of water and even the toilet flushing (the horror of it). Or even talking about it. Telling me they will call me back cos they have to go to the bathroom. Tell me you will call me back - no need to tell me why....

Anyway, at my new job, there is a revolution of sorts here. I shudder just writing this.

People announce they are going to the bathroom. One guy even has a schedule. At 3 ish, he heads to the bathroom and people hail him for going to do his business. People carry newspapers into the bathroom which is an announcement that some nastiness is going to happen. I nearly passed out the other day when some guy went round the whole office looking for something to read. I guess he had no luck because the next thing i knew, he was carrying his laptop into the bathroom, telling me he was going to watch a movie.

This is so weird to me. I hate bathrooms. When people come out of bathrooms, i try not to go near them for a while until the air around them is clean...People have nasty manners and there is no telling if they washed their hands and what else they got up to there.

I hate bathrooms......

A re-birth

I closed my other blog down for reasons not as serious as many think. I still need an outlet for my thoughts. I write not for comments or accolades but as release for my soul. So this space will just be me and my words and randomness...No music here..just me