Monday, June 15, 2009

Ryan Leslie - Gibberish

*Press play on the 'Gibberish' widget to hear a snippet of this song*
When we hear gibberish, i imagine that most people think of words, conversations that dont make any sense.
I think in life though, that gibberish can be words that one understands but one chooses not to listen to. When we say people are 'talking' nonsense, a lot of the time, we either dont agree with another's words or we believe they arent making any sense.
But how many time does it hit that sometimes gibberish makes sense. It usually the case after something has happened or some time has gone by. Then we look back and realise that sense was being made then. It one of the reasons that i try to really listen to people's words....there just might be gems of wisdom amongst the 'gibberish'.
On to this fab fab song.
Ryan Leslie is one uber talented dude. A lot of of people will have heard of him via his speculated relationship with Cassie and his appearance on her 'Me & U' track. However, this man is way more than that. First of all, he graduated from Harvard at 19. To explain his looks - His dad is from Barbados and his mom is of Carribean Dutch, Chinese and African heritage. Ryan had been producing music for years and finally decided to sing in 2004. His debut cd from which this song comes from finally comes after a few failed attempts in 2003 and 2006. This cd is a gem and this is my favorite song of the cd. 'Valentine', 'Diamond Girl' and 'Addiction' are some other standout tracks.
Now, this song is genius. The first time you hear the song - its like - what is he saying thanks to the vodacorder...but you know he is making sense, its just not really clear. Layer that over a killer beat, and this song is ice cream for my ears.
I managed to dig up the lyrics of this song and it actually makes some sense but i am worried about putting it up here in case it just gibberish....


*Diane* said...

i'm reading this post from works, so i can't listen, but i'm def going to check this out when i get home. So far love all of r. les' songs.
And thanks for the comment on my blog :-)

THIRTY + said...

Welcome back

Noni Moss said...

You started writing again and didn't tell me? Tut tut!

Love Ryan Leslie and his album is totally ace! My favourite song on the album has to be Out of the Blue (i listened to it on repeat for ages) and I-R-I-N-A is pretty cool too.

Glad you're writing again on some level. Missed you! :-)

Jaycee said...

Hey Ms Betty Boop...ur music posts r like a breath of fresh air. *Sucking up*