Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elisabeth Withers - Simple Things

How do you explain this funny feeling deep inside
Makes me smile when I'm lonely - comforts me when I'm sad
(How do you) explain this sweet sweet smile on my face
That just keeps (getting better) with each passing day
For so (long) I didn't (know) I was searching in all the wrong places
(Thinking if I) spent more money than I could
(If I) worked harder than I should
Always having friends to feel good (I'd be happier)
Losing my breath in the hustle
Just stressin' over nuthin'
Forgetting the real joys that lie - in the simple things
How do you explain when there’s more month @ the end (ofthe money)
Your situation tells (you to worry) but you see the flowers in bloom
(How do you) explain THE soft caress on your face
That tells you it’ll get better with each passing day
For so (long) I did not know I was looking in all the wrong places
The sun shining on my face - your strong embrace
Mama calling - Daddy calling to see if I'm ok
The fresh air I breathe - enough food to eat
A warm place to sleep at night - are the simple things
This song is from Elisabeth Withers' debut album 'It can happen to you'.
I went on a search for her album after i heard 'Be with you'. A lot of people may not have heard her name but i am sure a a lot of people are familiar with her work as she used to sing backup for Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez. She is best known for her Tony Award nominated potrayal of Shug Avery in the Broadway musical version of The Color Purple. She used to release dance singles under the alias Elle Patrice and had 2 singles reach the charts.
Like Heather Headley who has also worked on Broadway in productions including Aida, Elisabeth has a very very rich voice that reminds me of Anita Baker and Toni Braxton because of how deep it is.
There are number of standout tracks on her album for me, but i really like this song for a few reasons - sure it has a catchy beat but the message of the song is what gets me. In this world of pursuit of material things, we sometimes forget to appreciate the simple things.
There are so so many things that dont have a price tag that are guaranteed to make my day: I love watching rain, seeing babies and their fathers, my husband's smile, hearing a new song that speaks to me....the list is endless. But the bottom line is that i make a conscious effort to appreciate the simple things around me - the things that make me so so glad to be alive.....
What 'simple things' do it for you?


Believer said...

Hey, your love for music is amazing. I love the lyrics of this song, great job!

Naijadude said...

Just to digress a lil bit...

I thought I was your "bachelor" huh??

How have you been though??

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow... did not know you were doing this again, I'm SO glad you are. I love what you said about making a conscious effort to enjoy the simple things... it's so true... no matter what troubles come our way (and sometimes they can be so HUGE), life is so beautiful if we learn to make the most of the things (and people) we love.